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DJ Lisa London (UK)


DJ Lisa London (UK)
DJ Lisa London (UK)

DJ Lisa London (UK)
DJ Lisa London (UK)

DJ Lisa London (UK)
DJ Lisa London (UK)

Biography Dj Lisa London (UK)
Dj Lisa London started to mix in March 2004 on vinyl. She started playing out that same year in November which is an exeptionally short space of time and continues to mix on the wheels of steel.
All through her life, she has adapted to a broad spectrum of music and is thought to have a raw, natural talent, which she has grown up with and loves to share.
Singing as backing singer in a band, saxophone, clarinet and now playing a guitar, this girl definitely can adapt to anything. As a known dancer too, she is a natural entertainer.
Since she started playing out in London and the UK, she has played at clubs, Heaven, SE1, The Fridge, Turnmills, The Sanctuary, Hidden, Shepherds Bush Empire and The Emporium to name a few.
In a short space of time Lisa has secured 3 residencies, Scum Collective, EZDuzzit & HecticUK.
Records are signed to Scum Records, Insomnia Trax and Cybergroove Records.
Her goal is to please the crowd and makes sure that everyone enjoys her music and to create a togetherness party atmosphere, also to take people on a journey.
It doesnt matter where she plays, be it a small underground club, to a big club, as long as people have a good time, she has achieved what she does best.
Lisa plays a wide variety of genres. Funky, house, electro, techno, trance (psy, tech, hard, prog), hard dance, hard house, hardcore, nu energy, hi energy,freeformation and now indulging in DnB and breakbeat.

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