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My Music

Brent Spar aka Tarnation

Techno, Minimal, Harddance, Hardcore & Oldschool Classics

Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)
Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)


Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)
Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)

Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)
Brent Spar aka Tarnation (NL)



Dennis Kaandorp, 35 years from the Netherlands started playing housemusic in the beginning of the 90's.

Also works as a partypromotor for different organisations like Switch Music Events, Wooferland Festival & The 'What
is On Your Mind' party's in Amsterdam.
His first contact with SL turntables he had at the age of 13, at his cousins house who played at a local Amsterdam radion station.
That cousin told him how to beatcount en adjust the tempo of the turntables.
And so the first time he had to play in front of a crowd he already knew how to work the decks.
With the age of 16, he had his first gig in a local youthcentre were they locked themselfs in for 48 hours with only turntables and lots of records.
But nobody there was a dj or knew how to work the mixer. Dennis stepped up and jumped behind the decks.
And that night he realised this was the thing he was looking for. Playing for people and let them enjoy the music and make them dance.
Dj Tarnation was born!!
Under his alias 'Tarnation' he played the oldschool classics & early rave music that was taking over the scene in Holland on many small party's and clubs.
Even running a dj-cafe for 7 years and giving his own party's at local disco's
His musical influences are from artists like Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Fierce Ruling Diva, Dj Dano, Michael Jackson, Moby, Jeff Mills and many more.
Started out as a oldschool classics & early rave/hardcore dj on vinyl. He took a big break of mixing after the cd players took over the scene.
But in 2010 he made a comeback and changed his name to 'Brent Spar' and under this name he started playing minimaltechno & techhouse too.
Played in clubs like Club LA, Club Q, Kiehool, Buona Sera, Korsakoff(What Is On Your Mind), C-Bar(Israel), Pand14, The Bunker,
Stubnitz, Discotheque Starlight, AMP Studios, Planet-G, Bootleg DJ Cafe, his new residency in Rotterdam(Maxim Music Factory) and many more small clubs and venue's
This is just a new beginning for Brent Spar. 2010 is only the start of a new era.
With big plans for producing with different artists & dj's in the future. He is ready to take on the dancescene with his uplifting techno and oldschool sounds.


Hole In One - Weird Science (Brent Spar techno edit)


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