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DJ Shaine (NL)

Shaine Deejay (NL)
Shaine Deejay (NL)

Shaine Deejay (NL)
Shaine Deejay (NL)

Shaine Deejay (NL)
Shaine Deejay (NL)

Shaine Deejay (NL)
Shaine Deejay (NL)

Shaine Deejay (NL)
Shaine Deejay (NL)



DJ Shaine, whose name in real life is Erwin Poppe, was born on the 25th of December 1978 in the nice little fisherman's town of Vlissingen, in the southwest of the Netherlands.

For as long as he can remember, Erwin has been addicted to everything music has to offer. As a little boy he was constantly listening to, taping and mixing music which was on the radio, using tapes and his parents' old records. After a little while he decided to try out some drumlessons, but being stubborn as he was, wanting to do everything his own way, he found out taking (music)lessons wasn't a very good idea. So he quit and after a few years of more practising on his own, he bought his first turntables and a mixer when he was 15 years old, and some hardcore records a short while after. Since he had some friends in the hardcore scene and also turned out to have quite a talent being a DJ, soon bookings and some DJ-contests followed in which he took part.

After a few years of spinning Erwin decides to sell all his records and quit with hardcore. He always had a big thing with (hard)trance, and since home is where the hart is he decides to put all his energy into this. After visiting countless trance events and festivals he starts using his decks again, which results in several bookings in the region he lives and at two danceparades. He also obtains some residencies, among others at club The Nighttrain in Middelburg and DDOD in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, he starts experimenting with producing as well.

In 2006, Erwin moves to Haarlem and the number of bookings starts to grow. He has gigs in the Netherlands as well as other countries, like Belgium and England. Unfortunately hardtrance doesn't acquire the popularity which was predicted and the gigs become scarcer, due to the cancellation of several clubnights like Unlimited Hardsounds in Amsterdam, at which he is a resident. Gradually his style starts to change again, into a more trance and progressive type of sound. In January 2008 he has his last hardtrance gig in club Outland in Rotterdam.

In the meantime he starts doing more and more in terms of producing and gets acquainted with Carlo Resoort of trance/producerduo 4 Strings in the summer of 2008. This results in a cooperation and a first release on the label Liquid Recordings, named '4 Strings vs. DJ Shaine'- 'The Way it Should Be' (Oct. 2008). The record is received very well and gets support from many established DJ's, like Armin van Buuren (uses the record several times in ASOT), Paul van Dyk, Sean Tyas, Markus Schulz, Menno de Jong and several others.

Currently, bookings are still coming in, and Erwin is putting a lot of time in his producing skills as well.

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