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DJ Lewis (NL)

Shain Deejay (NL)
Shain Deejay (NL)

Shain Deejay (NL)
Shain Deejay (NL)

Shain Deejay (NL)
Shain Deejay (NL)

Shain Deejay (NL)
Shain Deejay (NL)

Shain Deejay (NL)
Shain Deejay (NL)


Biography Dj Lewis (NL)
Lewis Bos Alias DJ Lewis started mixing in 1988 in Haarlem, the Netherlands.
He began with italo-swing beat and hip-hop.
After a year of learning, partying and playing, he started changing his music to New Beat and Acid-house.
The house scene was still underground at the time.
After some small performances at clubs Swings and Subcultura, followed a series of appearances as guest dj in Multygroove parties in Amsterdam, one of the biggest rave organizations with 1.500 visitors weekly.
Restless and versitile, he traveled all over Holland performing and producing tracks for himself.
At the end of 1993, he had his first performance in the very popular club Mazzo in Amsterdam together with DJ J.Flamman and DJ Dano. Many more appearances followed in Mazzo, including two very successful parties which he organized himself.

At the end of January 1994, Lewis was discovered by the Swiss party-team Hard Division. They booked him immediately and in February of the same year he had his first appearance in Magic Factory club in Switzerland with 1.500 visitors.
After that, bookings for Switzerland followed the one after the other.
He played for Hard Division, FuturScope, Karmasutra and Phuture Rhythm.
He appeared at the Hypodrome rave, Virtuality 1 & 2 and 4 with, Rave the World, Moon Circus, Atomic and many more.
He performed in the Swiss clubs like Blackout, Arena, Grodonia, The Bunker and The Genetics Rave Club.
At the same time he was busy performing at his home base The Netherlands.
He worked together for organizations such as
Immortality - Hellraiser, DenHelder, Hellraiser, Amsterdam, Static-Mandatory Amsterdam, ID&T - Mysteryland, Lelystad, ID&T - Mysteryland 2, Rotterdam.
And he performed in clubs like Mazzo, Amnesia Trancebudha, Marcanti, The Bridge, Cadans and Desert.

He hosted his own radio show for 6 years, The Undersound on 88.1 FM.
In 1998 he started producing for himself and experimenting with new some sounds.
He released the track 'How the fuck did I end up here' that came out on the label Cosmic – compilation - 2 Hard 2 Handle.

He did performances for the Dutch television Veronica with Mike Staring,
Queen's Night 1998 and hotshots SBS 6, New Years Eve 1998.
Between 1998 and 2010 he performed in Thailand (full Moon/Xtra pool P), Switzerland(street rave), Spain(underground dance x), Portugal(tuttie fruttie), Indonesia (Dejavu club, Skygarden, Red room, Beach flavors), Singapore (Supperclub), Germany (Glam Night 2010), Holland (Hemkade, Woodstock, Trance sessions, Sound tunnel, Injected sounds, Zwets2009 and many more.
Today Lewis is in collaboration with Dutch, US and European labels producing his own music.
His last album (Global Things 2009) came out as a digi album under Globalsounds NL and can be found at iTunes, Amazone, Napster, Emusic, Rhapsody, Songrila & Beats digital.
After the birth of his son Kai in 2008 he took a small break from his dj career.
Ofcourse he has never stopped completely and used his break to find his roots in dance music and style today.
After a dj journey of 22 years he finaly settled down with a groovy tech house and a bouncing techno style .
Whenever wherever his dance floors are always full.
Love, Peace & Music

Upcoming events Shain.

24 May
Beattime, Amsterdam

29 May
Blow Out, Landsmeer
12 June
Turn On - Red Edition
14 Aug 
Quest 4 trance
22 Jan 2010 
Love & Respect



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